Saturday, January 06, 2007

Achy Breaky Heart !!

Today in my very soppy, 'Wanna be in another-world' moods, I'm gonna write about one of my favorite movies -'Love Actually'.It's full of heart touching moments and comedy which blends in every scene.But more importantly its all about how real each of those situations seem.Whether its the British prime minister faling madly in love with the lady on his house staff or the Very married ad man having an affair with secretary or the writer who falls in love with the very foreign cleaning lady and can't even confess his love because they individually speak different languages.

But my favorite is the scene where a ten-year old is confessing his LOVE for his classmate to his step father.His father has been worried that the son is depressed over the recent death of his mother and is relieved.He tells his son he thought it was worse.His son looks at him in absolute pain and says" What could be worse than the absolute AGONY of being in love".

That look says it can be painful, it makes you cry when you're happy and laugh when you are much that sometimes you wanna rip your heart out to make the pain go away but Love Actually makes the world go around !!!


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