Thursday, May 18, 2006


Please Apply

A typical conversation with a prospective groom

Him : What kind of a role are you into at work ?
Me :I am working with an IT company
Him :What are your hobbies ?
Me : I like reading quite a bit, watch a lot of movies...What about you ?
Him : I like opera, paragliding, bungee jumping ( and everything else he assumes makes him look ULTRA COOL !
Me : That's great ! How many times have you bungee-jumped ?
Him : Errrr.. Never, but I plan to soon.
( And now for the BIG ONE !)

Ok, this seems like an everyday ordinary conversation. But, I have never understood why I am always subjected to the " Do You Party " question ?I agree that I don't conform to the usual dress code for a prospective bride-groom meeting preceding an arranged marriage.I am comfortable in my denims and I want the man I marry to know that.But does that make me a "party girl"?

Don't get me wrong here .. I have nothing against people who enjoy partying..Its the stereotype that hurts.Just because I dress a certain way or I take care of the way my make-up does looks, does not mean I am out there every night swigging a Bacardi?
And does it really help that I might say No just to keep you happy and then party every night once we are married !

Try to figure out who I am beyond the clothes I wear..See if you can be someone who'll understand my hopes and dreams, what makes me the person I am, what hurts me and makes me cry, what lights up my day ? Will I be someone you can wake up next to for the rest of your life ? And, I promise you,I'll do the same.

"All I ask of you is to take me as I am..
This may mean you'll have to be a STRONGER man ...."


Blogger Under Construction365 said...

I loved your last paragraph in your post today. This is the most single importaant truth in learing about relationships.
What makes us go? Will people accept us as we are and for who we are?
You have some pretty cool insights. I hope you dont mind me reading your posts.

11:06 AM  

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